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Winter 2011/2012

Personal/Relationship Coaching

Optimal results from the coaching relationship normally require a minimum 3-month commitment, at $400/month.

Click here to read about Coaching and Emotional Pain.

HOWEVER, given the excessive emotional distress and pain exacerbated by the current global economic, environmental, political and personal crises, I am offering 1-hour sessions, via phone or Skype, for just $60 each, or 4 sessions for $200.
(Payable in advance via Paypal).

This includes “field work” assignments and co-created practices to quickly shift your perspective, open your heart and facilitate lasting freedom from fear; and the courage to envision, create and live your best, most creative and fulfilling life.

To take advantage of this Special Offer, sessions must be scheduled by February 28, 2012. Email or send a Skype message now (inhabityourdreams) to stop being trapped in emotional pain and fear... and begin living and loving the precious life that is yours!

Business Coaching

The business coaching relationship is based on a co-commitment to fulfilling your intentions and goals, in alignment with your best and highest self. Together, we build upon your success and/or create a new direction and foundation for the sustainable growth of your business.

Having worked with hundreds of business owners, non-profit agency directors and independent professionals, I can guarantee you will realize an increase in vitality, confidence, clarity and ease, that will lead to greater income, health and more time to enjoy your work and your life!

Minimum 3-month commitment, $500/month.

Email or send a Skype message now (inhabityourdreams) to discuss creating a better life for you and your business.

To learn more about Improving and Enlivening Your Relationships to Self, Others and your Work, visit

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