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Business Development

Business Basics For Entrepreneurs
To get your venture up and running, you don’t have to rush out and hire a lawyer and CPA, spend big bucks on marketing materials, or commit to an expensive ad campaign. Only 10-percent of start-up businesses survive five years –– let’s ensure you’re on the right road and are one of the survivors and thrivers; understand trends in your industry and take the most effective, strategically planned steps. Read More on This Site>>>
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Business English for Foreign Speakers
In a classroom, conference, or on-on-one setting, you’ll be amazed and entertained at this program (tailored to the audience) that provides specific cultural and linguistic insights and understandings to improve communications and business acumen when dealing with Americans, Canadians, and other native English speakers.

Contact Aysha for Customized Workshops Developed and Facilitated for You, Your Group or Team.

Newsletter/eZine Production
Print or online newsletters allow you to communicate with groups of people – clients, prospects, friends, family, associates. If you want it to be seen, read, and evoke response, you need to design, format, write/edit, schedule regularly, distribute and reply to  comments. We’ll go through the whole process to create a workable, fun template, editorial schedule, and professional product.
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Workshops & Classes

These Workshops have been presented to/facilitated for businesses, civic groups, non-profit agencies, continuing education classes, professional associations and groups of creative individuals.

Aysha is available to present these, or tailor others, to the specific needs of you and/or your group. Please contact for more information!

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Writing & Creativity

Marketing With Love: A New Paradigm for Creative Women

Do you “glaze over” when it comes to marketing, promotions and sales? Well, that’s about to change! Learn how to harness the power of feminine persuasion, nurturing, networking and organizing skills to understand, employ – and even have fun with! – effective marketing that speaks from your heart and attracts your ideal clients and customers.

This was developed specifically for women writers but applies to all creative women.

Write to Publish (non-fiction articles)
Did you know that one out of 10 Americans aspires to be a writer? Just because English is your native language and you took it in high school does not mean you know how to write. Grammar, punctuation, vocabulary are just the tips of the iceberg. In this highly interactive workshop, learn how to begin, develop, and end your story; create a cohesive and vivid account; identify appropriate markets; craft a compelling query; and get into print... hopefully, for pay!

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