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Aysha Griffin


Case Studies

Following are a few examples of projects and clients. Over the years, Aysha has worked with organizations in the private, nonprofit, and public sectors. In addition, she has worked in a coaching or guidance capacity with individuals of all ages and backgrounds.

industry knowledge

  1. Adventure/Leadership Training

  2. Arts & Culture

  3. Education

  4. Entertainment/Media/Publishing

  5. Finance

  6. Government/Civic

  7. Green Building/Green Living

  8. Hospitality

  9. Non-Profit Organizations

  10. Personal Development and Leadership

  11. Professional Practices

  12. Real Estate

  13. Retail & Wholesale

  14. Small (& Start-Up) Businesses

Client: Cheshire Book Companions – National Educational Media Products Company
Challenge: Start-up needing to promote originally-produced media to primary schools nationwide.

Strategy: Design/write/produce a high-quality cost-effective color catalogue direct mailed 4 times/year to some 150,000 schools and libraries. Also provided voice-over talent for video series.

Result: Revenue more than doubling every year for 5 years resulting in profitable sale of the business to major national education company.

Client: KCME-FM – Non-Profit Radio Station
Challenge: Increase subscriber and underwriter base

Strategy: Design/write/produce cost-effective high-quality bi-monthly magazine direct mailed as premium to subscribers, with ads as added-value incentives to underwriters. Developed new opportunities for underwriters to participate in event sponsorships.

Result: Increased subscribers from 2,200 to 8,500 and underwriting revenues 200% over 4 years. Also minimized duration of semi-annual fundraising drives through year-round incentives that met or exceeded budget goals.

Client: Colorado Department of Revenue
Challenge: Coordinate and conduct statewide tax-amnesty campaign (10-month contract).

Strategy: Develop campaign strategies and budget, liaise with department managers, build consensus, hire and collaborate with ad agency for message development, provide art direction on TV, radio and print ads, approve media buys, track responses, analyze results.

Result: Due to I.R.S. interference, the campaign yielded only a 5% response from the estimated number of state taxpayers in arrears.

Client: Peak Performance Learning Center – Leadership Development and Executive Coaching Company (affiliated with Center For Creative Management).
Challenge: Develop and introduce new programs to garner and serve new corporate clients.

Strategy: Innovate a program incorporating yoga and journaling, develop print/workbook materials and promote classes.

Result: Facilitated a 3-day program for International Paper’s top 50 managers and a 7-week program for City of Colorado Springs department heads (given several times over the course of a year), netting company a significant increase in revenues and client base for future programs.

Client: Chief Hosa Lodge – Campground and Event Center
Challenge: New ownership identity and promotion of new offerings to regional market.

Strategy: Design and produce marketing materials (logo, brochures, POP displays) and PR campaigns using special events, testimonials and environmental advocacy of owner.

Result: Revenue doubling every year for 8 years resulting in profitable sale of business.

Client: Steve and Marcia Rogat, counselors/authors

Challenge: Work together long-distance to edit and publish a book on their work with end-of-life patients, disembodied spirits, and the spiritual issues and challenges encountered.
Strategy: From the start of the project, create a framework for meeting weekly goals, provide coaching and editing along the way and final revisions and organization as we neared completion.
Result: Completed book in less than 4 months from conception to publication. It has provided a solid platform for promoting their work, in addition to a revenue stream from the on-going sale of the book.