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Business Basics/Education For Entrepreneurs

You don’t have to rush out and hire a lawyer and CPA, spend big bucks on marketing materials or commit to an expensive ad campaign to get your venture up and running. Only 10-percent of start-up businesses survive five years – let’s ensure you’re on the right road and are one of the survivors and thrivers, understand trends in your industry and take the most effective, strategically planned steps.

Business Basics teaches you how to:

  1. Create a viable marketing plan for your business

  2. Understand and leverage the value of social media

  3. Get media attention

  4. Discover the basics of creative advertising

  5. Develop promotions on a shoestring

  6. Identify the best types of promotional materials ... and save money

  7. Minimize the cost of professional help

  8. Design your own layouts

  9. Communicate with graphic artists and printers

  10. Generate good publicity

  11. Use your budget to maximize response

This is an intensive 6-hour class that can be broken into two 3-hour sessions or
three 2-hour sessions.

Participants: ideal for business start-ups and those in business less than two years. Can be sponsored by civic group, Chamber of Commerce, industry association, etc.

Process: Hands-on, small group break-outs, question and answer sessions.

Follow-up: Includes one-hour personal consultation with each business owner (scheduled within 30 days following class)

Cost: $195 pp. (min 6 attendees, max. 25), workbook included.

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These Workshops have been presented to/facilitated for businesses, civic groups, non-profit agencies, continuing education classes, professional associations and groups of creative individuals.

Aysha is available to present these, or tailor others, to the specific needs of you and/or your group. Contact for more information!

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